Welcome to Focus on Potential

Focus on Potential specialises in working with children, young people and adults with health related needs.

We operate throughout New Zealand with over one hundred and twenty experienced clinicians.

Focus on Potential provides services in the following areas:


  • Support Needs Assessments
  • Educational Based Rehabilitation Assessments
  • Housing Assessments
  • Wheelchairs and Seating
  • Single Discipline Assessments
  • Integrated Rehabilitation Assessments

Behaviour Support Services

Concussion Services

Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims

Rehabilitation Programmes

  • Training for Independence Services
  • Training for Independence Advisory Service
  • Psychological Services
  • Pain Disability Prevention Services
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Programme Services

Focus on Potential also offers workplace assessments, return to work programmes, and other health and educational related services to small and large organisations throughout New Zealand.